Yellow-Eye Rockfish Testimonial

Since about 2002, Bob and Corey Ball, owners of Piscatorial Pursuits, have never failed to put us onto fish on the Kenai, Kasilof or the ocean! Ronnie got his fish of a lifetime ( thus far that is, as we will return to Alaska again!) and I was lucky enough to catch this Yellow Eyed Rockfish. Such beauty lies beneath the waves of Alaska, as well as above. The Yellow Eyed Rockfish was just too beautiful not to get a replica made. Ronnie’s fish, yep, a replica of that fish was done, as well. Per Bob Ball’s suggestion, that is where I came in contact with Luke Filmer, Owner of Blackwater Fish Replicas.

Rockfish Replica
Alaskan Rockfish Replica

Luke Filmer is a fish artist second to none! I will be getting ALL of my family and friends’ fish replicas done by Luke, period! Both fish were outstanding. The Yellow Eyed Rockfish replica was mounted on a stand with Alaskan rock, starfish, and mussels. Anderson's Yelloweye RockfishThe photos will not bring forth this 3 dimensional representation of such a beautiful fish. This rockfish replica means more to me than just an object of “bragging rights.”  The fish looks as though it is alive and swimming in the depths of Alaska.  It is a skillful representation to me of not only a fantastic piece of art, it is a reminder of every trip I have ever taken to Alaska. A reminder of every experience I have had in Alaska. Every single time I pass by that beautiful fish, I am reminded of our trip together with my niece, Mary Jo and her husband, Ronnie.  As the years pass, the hair grays–just a bit at 54, from now until those so-called reclining years to come, that fish will evoke memories of Alaska and the skill Luke used to represent it.Anderson Salmon

Salmon Fish Replicas by Luke Filmer
Alaskan Spawning Fish Replica Luke Filmer

How can you tell if I am telling the truth about Luke Filmer and his artistic skills? Well, later on this fall you can see Luke’s finished work he is doing for me, applying his artistic skills to a Ling Cod fish replica mount, then a Silver, Pink and Sockeye Salmon fish replica display that are both currently being created for me by Luke. Next: I am thinking about the 21″ and 23″ Brook Trout Lili and I caught from the God’s River, in Manitoba. – Joe A. Lake Havasu City, AZ.         


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