Coho Salmon Fish Replicas

I wanted to share with you photos of my favorite fish to catch and paint, the Coho Salmon. I like fishing for silver salmon because of their strength, their ability to leap, and the beauty of the fish itself. I consider them a northwest treasure. I get many orders to customize coho salmon fish replicas from clients all over the country.  To see more photos of fish replicas I have customized for my clients over the years visit my website at or

Coho Salmon
Pink has always been my first choice when fishing for Coho Salmon, but I won’t hesitate to switch colors or change tactics when these fish become “finicky”.
Leaping Coho Salmon
This photo reveals the sheer number of Salmon you may encounter in a single school of fish staging in the saltwater before their journey upstream. (look closely to see multiple spashes) – Luke Filmer
Coho Salmon Fish Replica
This Silver Salmon fish replica display was custom designed for my client to fit on his eight-inch wide fireplace mantel.
Silver Salmon Fish Replica
This Silver Salmon fish replica was designed to showcase not only the fish, but also feature the Salmon fish replica within a wild Alaskan river streambed habitat wall mount display.
Coho Salmon Fish Replica
Custom Coho Salmon pedestal style created in a simple yet elegant twist of wood upon river-rock. This custom table-top version of a 10lb. Salmon replica allowed my client to display this on a conference table in his office. I chose the downward curve to minimize space as well as emphasize synergy with movement. – Luke Filmer
Silver Salmon Fish Replicas
One of my favorite art pieces, this double Silver Salmon fish replica display features two fish in the 20lb. class. My client shared with me his desire to combine elements of the Pacific Northwest, vibrant colors, and his love for fishing all in one fish replica wall piece. I used the bright silver and the motion of the fish along with brightly colored starfish, shells, and kelp against a dark rock background to achieve what I feel is a true commemorative fish art piece. He loved it! – Luke Filmer
Luke Filmer Fishing For Coho Salmon
My passion for fishing is out-weighed only by my desire to paint fish replicas. – Luke Filmer

I am currently working on a triple Salmon fish replica wall display. These three Salmon will be featured on a streambed wall mount. I plan to have this completed by November 2011. Stay tuned for photos! – Luke


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