Rainbow Trout Fish Replica Testimonial – February 2012

February was all about Rainbow trout replica projects. I had two fish paintings scheduled for completion. Both fish were caught in Alaska. The first featured in this blog was a 14 lb. Rainbow trout caught in the Copper River in Alaska. Typically, when we think of the Copper River, images of king salmon and sockeye salmon come to mind, but obviously this river holds some pretty big rainbows as well. Richard’s fish measured 31” in length and had an overall girth of nearly 19” – What a football!

The characteristics of the fish were also unique with a sort of buttery color and a pastel pink slash down the flanks rather than the typical green and “blood” red we typically see in these Alaskan rainbow trout. I also noticed a very unusual kype, or snout to this fish’s head and decided to completely modify and re-sculpt the skull for the trout replica.Richard requested that I build  a pedestal display so he could feature the fish art on a table in his office.

Copper River Rainbow Trout Fish Replica
Copper River Rainbow Trout Fish Replica
Rainbow Trout Fish Replica
Copper River Rainbow Trout Fish Replica

Placement of the trout replica upon a base in a way that suggested movement was also a challenge that I enjoyed. I came up with a streambed type of feature that allowed me to utilize the curves in the replica to flow over the streambed in a way that depicted the natural movement of a trout as though it were hovering in the current. The final piece also featured the tiny Prince Nymph fly he used to catch this big fish.

I always strive to create each fish painting to not only capture the memories of the fish, but also incorporate streambed enhancements which I feel reflect the environment in which the fish was caught.

Richard, thanks for the challenge and I hope the artwork always reminds you of that great day on the Copper River

–Luke Filmer

Luke – What a masterpiece!!! It literally took me an hour to unwrap it. It is spectacular. It was a work of love. Blackwater (ergo Luke) is first rate. If you want quality this is where you need to go. The final product is absolutely the best. – R. Whitley, Birmingham, AL



  1. Wow! That’s really amazing! It only not just represents how artistic you are, but also your passion unto making the Copper River Rainbow Trout Fish well known. Thank you so much for posting this. You did a good job!

  2. Thank you for your comments and there are many lodges guides and outfitters on the Copper River who help anglers catch & carefully release these trout so that they can continue to thrive and offer other anglers an opportunity to experience this adventure.

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