Big Brown Trout Fish Replica – 27lbs!

Did you just catch a fish of a lifetime and just having a photo of it is not enough?  Brown TroutSteve caught this 27lb. brown trout from a stream that fed out of Lake Michigan.

Steve's 27lb. Brown Trout
Steve’s 27lb. Brown Trout

He knew he wanted to capture this fish-of-a-lifetime with a fiberglass replica, and he knew just who to call. Steve has has been working with Luke Filmer of Blackwater Fish Replicas for over 10 years on a variety of fish replica mounts – and he knew Luke was the only guy that could match his photo exactly.   Check out Luke Filmer’s WE MATCH YOUR PHOTO page for more examples of completed fiberglass fish replica projects.  or www.lukefilmer.comBrown Trout Fish Replica Match Photo



  1. Luke,

    That is quite a fish! Good job on the replica as I knew you would. When I lived in Idaho Falls for a couple of years I caught a brown on the South Fork of the Snake River. It weighed about 8lbs. I caught it in

    a canal that was drained for the winter. The fish would be caught in pools and were very aggressive. The largest cutthroat I caught in the South Fork was 24 inches. A beautiful fish. I would consistently

    catch cutthroat with a small Thomas spoon. The limit was 10 fish and It was no problem catching that many. I didn’t keep them all, of course, they were great smoked too.

    I also fished the North Fork of the Snake, but it is somewhat overrated.

    I caught a 20lb. chum on the Green two weeks ago. Actually a pretty fish, but as you know not too many people want a chum. I had a good time in Alaska this year, but no Kings. Most King runs are so

    depressed they shut them down. On the Kenai there were Sockeye on the second run that went up to 14lbs! That’s right. Not your average fish. Did you get any to replicate? I fished the first run in June

    they ran the average of 5-8lbs. Not a good year for Alaska.

    I plan to fish the Snoqualmie again for winter run Steelhead. Do you want me to let you know when to come over and fish with me?

    Talk to you soon.


  2. Thanks Vince !
    Sounds like you are catching lots of fish . I had a descent year myself and did well on a small stream in Montana in September where I caught Browns, brooks, cutts and rainbows all in the same small stream running through a prairie. -Good times !
    I enjoyed fishing with you on the Snoqualmie that year and would like to do that again someday. I will drop you a note when time permits. I tend to fish more in the spring and summer ,then work hard through the winter ;0).
    tight lines !

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