REDFISH Fish Replica by fish artist Luke Filmer of Blackwater

Today I want to introduce a new fish replica to my collection of artwork and a fish that is quite popular to catch….Redfish!

45 pound Redfish replica by Luke Filmer
45 pound Redfish replica by Luke Filmer

Redfish are found from freshwater estuaries to deep saltwater. They are also called Red Drum because of the drumming sound they create with their air bladders to communicate and attract females.

Redfish replica tail
Unique spot pattern.

I enjoy the challenge to capture their deep coloration from gold to silver – with shades of every color imaginable within.  Another unique attribute I replicate is their spot pattern. Their black patterns appear close to the upper lobe of the tail and vary uniquely from one individual fish to another. The spots have a variety of shapes and can occasionally fuse together creating a signature pattern for each fish. Aside from coloration and size, this spot configuration gives each fish its own personality.

44″ x 28″ at 45lbs.

In order to prepare for this project, I spent weeks researching Redfish not only to understand their life cycles and habits (which make them different than other species of fish), but to learn the best techniques to customize and capture the colors perfectly. Because each Redfish is different, I look forward to customizing and painting more of these exceptional fish for my clients.

Luke Filmer Fish Artist

BIO: A lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, Luke Filmer specializes in a precise, realistic style of painting. With a dedicated spirit, Luke adds his own style to each unique custom fiberglass fish replica he creates for clients all over the world.  Considered by many to be the master in fish painting, he has earned acclaim from sportsmen and collectors alike.

I love to mix colors and layer pigments to create the depth and glow that I call the inner spirit of each fish sculpture I create.” – Luke Filmer or

FACEBOOK: Blackwater Fish Replicas-Filmer


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