PRESS: Luke’s creative process revealed during photo shoot with Sequim, WA Gazette, September 2017


After an early September visit to Luke Filmer’s art studio, the Sequim Gazette’s photos capture Luke Filmer’s artistic approach used to create incredibly realistic fish-replica-art-sculptures of Salmon, Steelhead and Trout.   With just a photo and measurements, Luke can preserve your memory of that perfect day on the water. For more information – or to secure your date on Luke’s waiting list, visit

8531833_web1_S-fish-artist1-color_S1_2017 Gazette

Each scale hand painted 2-3 times!  Effect?   Heirloom quality original painting on a  3-dimensional form.


Hours of detailed painting goes into each custom fish art sculpture.

8531833_web1_fish-artist2-color-640x425@2x (1)

Luke Filmer featured with hand painted Steelhead fish replica on stream-bed wall mount display.

All Photos courtesy of Sequim Gazette. Read Entire Sequim Gazette Article Here.

Email Luke   or call   (360) 683-0138.

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