Colorado’s High-County Cutbow Trout fish replica

A long stretch of mountain highway, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, may mean little to most of the people passing by this river in their cars, but to Dave B. of Colorado, this is his happy place. Dave waits every year for winter’s cold grip to return to the mountains and this stretch of the river…because this is the time of year when BIG TROUT migrate down to the headwaters of his favorite mountain stream.

Colorado cutbow trout fishing trophy from Rocky Mountain rivers streams_photo for fish replica by Luke Filmer

Dave choose this particular 10 lb. Cutbow Trout for his custom fiberglass fish replica created by Luke Filmer.  A Cutbow trout is a hybrid cross between a Cutthroat and Rainbow trout both existing in the same stream.  Cutbow trout fish replica hand painted by fish artist Luke Filmer

As a fish artist, Luke was thrilled at the prospect of creating a new process of painting for this Cutbow fish replica.  Luke decided to mix custom paints for his air-brush allowing him to perfectly blend the right shade of vibrant violets and purples for Dave’s trout replica. (Luke Filmer’s preference for air-brush fish replica paint is Polytranspar)

This project also offered an opportunity to design a museum-quality interpretive stream-bed wall mount display, creating a fish replica art sculpture that will always remind Dave of that perfect day on the river.

Consider preserving your fishing memory with a custom fiberglass fish replica designed and painted by fish artist Luke Filmer. Send your photo for a quote: EMAIL YOUR PHOTO HERE or call 360-683-0138 to discuss your project.

Learn more about fishing in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

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