Glory Days – What’s in your photo album that could be on your wall?

One day while looking through some old photos of some of my past fishing trips, I realized that I’ve had some great adventures and caught some pretty big fish.

Little Luke 1967
Luke Filmer fishing – 1969

Over the last few years I have been experiencing a trend of clients contacting me to create a custom fish replica of a trophy they caught 20, 30, even 40+ years ago!

I like this new trend I’ve been pursuing and find I really enjoy seeing the old-time photos and hearing their excitement when they share the story of a special day fishing, their Glory Days.

Being a fisherman myself, I realize the importance of these events in angler’s lives and feel very honored to be able to recapture their best days on the water.

Now I’m wondering…what’s in your photo album that could be on your wall? 


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