Testimonial – A Great Lakes Tribute

Capturing the Time and Place: A Great Lakes Tribute

For me, time and place is what connects me to a trophy art representation.  South Haven, Michigan, on the shore of Lake Michigan, is a place that holds a very special meaning to me with memories of time spent together with my soulmate Renee, including trolling the open water of Lake Michigan out of South Haven Harbor for King Salmon and Steelhead.

And to capture its time and place was what I was hoping for when I contacted Luke Filmer at Blackwater Fish Replicas.  I had seen examples of his work and could see that his, above any other work I had seen, would be able to do this for me.
And Luke delivered on that hope.Great Lakes Salmon and Steelhead Fish Replicas by fish artist Luke Filmer of Blackwater Fish Replicas_1

It is one thing to create a trophy art reproduction that provides a vividly and remarkably realistic presentation of the fish.  But it is quite another thing to be able to convey the essence of a time and place in the presentation as well.  The feel of the surf and sand, the wind and sky, and the majestic beauty of Lake Michigan’s two greatest sport fish, all imparted in Luke’s work, provide us with a perfect tribute and a lasting memory to Michigan’s Great Lakes and a place on it’s shore that we love.


Renee, after seeing the finished work that Luke completed, and reflecting on the time that together we caught the two fish represented remarked, “What a wonderful way to bring to life, capture, and freeze and amazing day.”  Who says fishing can’t be romantic?

 Thank you Kurt and Renee for sharing your thoughtful testimonial – Luke, October 2019