Testimonials for Luke Filmer of Blackwater Fish Replicas

Testimonial for Congressman Norm Dicks custom salmon fish replica painted by Luke Filmer

1. “Congressman Norm Dicks could not have been more delighted with the quality and painstaking accuracy of the replica of his big king salmon fish replica that greets visitors to his Washington D.C. office. In all of my experience as a biologist and angler I have never seen a more accurate and artistic replica of a Pacific salmon. – Frank H., Senior Fish Biologist, Northwest Marine Technology, Inc.

I have quite a few fish mounts in my home collected over the years, but none compare with my Chinook Salmon  (57 lbs.) I caught in the Dean River in Northern BC, Canada – I had Luke do for me. It is incredible. The iridescent colors are so realistic that the fish looks like it is fresh out of the ocean. From every angle the colors change. The driftwood background is also a work of art. Beautiful job Luke!”  – B. Cutler, Naramata, B.C. Canada

3. “I am very pleased with the Betsie River steelhead replica Luke has done for me. I worked closely with him to get the proper color and other fine details. A friend of mine who is a trout fisherman came by my home the other day and told me it was the finest steelhead replica mount he has ever seen. He could not believe it was not a real fish. Luke paints each scale, Regular fish taxidermist generally do not do this. The steelhead looks like I just caught it. I would highly recommend Luke to anyone who wants the very best memory for their fish replication”Bill M. Bellaire, Michigan.

Rick G Wenatchee Steelhead Photo
Custom Steelhead fish replica by fish artist Luke Filmer of Blackwater Fish Replicas_Testimonial

     4. “Luke, I just got the fish set up in my office. It is the most incredible fish mount I have ever seen in my life! You are a class act. Everything from the packaging to the set up and most importantly the finished product are truly amazing. I will treasure this mount forever. The people in my office are going crazy. I could practically sell tickets! Thank you!”. – Rick G. Wenatchee, WA.

Testimonial Pink Salmon fish replica
Pink salmon fish replica painted by fish artist Luke Filmer for testimonial page

  5.Every mount that Mr. Filmer prepares for me is a work of art. Aside from its amazing natural likeness, each salmon or trout possesses a uniqueness like any fine sculpture and painting that’s worthy of a museum or gallery”. –David T., Long Beach, CA

Testimonial for custom steelhead fish replica painted by fish artist Luke Filmer

6.Thanks Luke and Blackwater for recreating my “Fish of a lifetime”. Your attention to detail makes the mount very realistic.  Most of our friends can’t believe it’s not the real fish!  The background captures the river where it was caught extremely well.  The entire process from placing my order until delivery went without a hitch.  Thanks again, it’s the centerpiece of our game room”.  –Guy T. , Escondido, CA

7. “Amazing…that’s what I thought when I first saw the results of Luke’s work. I looked at several replicas by other artists, but never found one that looked lifelike until I saw Luke’s. So when I landed the fish of a lifetime, I new immediately who I wanted to reproduce it.  Being used to traditional taxidermists, I was caught off guard by Luke’s artistic approach to designing the replica. He took time to get to know me and what I was looking for rather than simply focusing on the shape of the fish. The result was unbelievable. Luke’s use of color, attention to detail, and unique mount bring the replica to life. There’s no comparison between the replica Luke made me, and a fish I had traditionally mounted a few years prior. It’s truly an amazing piece of art that I’m proud to display in my home”.  –Neil M. , North Bend, WA

8. “The fish is now hanging on the wall in our River Room and looks great. Next time you are in Montana stop by and I’ll show you the lodge. Thanks for the good job!”John S., Alder, MT

Testimonial from Tarabochia for King Salmon fish replica by Luke Filmer of Blackwater Fish Replicas

9. Brothers David and Peter Tarabochia have fished the Kenai River twice, having landed big Kings over 60 lbs. However, when they caught a 72 lb (51″) monster, it just had to be memorialized. The family searched for an artist and found one consistent recommendation: Luke Filmer of Blackwater Fish Replicas. “Luke is the consummate artist, which is the critical element”, said their father, “and to recapture this prize fish we wanted to go with the best. Luke has brought this wonderful memory back to life for us to enjoy forever.”  –Don, David & Peter T. , Tacoma, WA


  1. Nice Work Luke, Need to get some info. for replica fish from Lake Pend Orielle Idaho.. 30″ class trophy rainbows! Price per inch? Ect.. Thank you! James ( Eagle Charters),,

    • Each is a custom piece and no set per inch price. Go to our website’s how to order page and can submit a request for a price. If you want to earn credit toward your own mount – email me about our referral program only offered to lodges, guides etc… Luke

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