Luke Filmer Bio


A lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, Luke Filmer specializes in a precise, realistic style of painting. With a dedicated spirit, Luke adds his own style to each unique custom fiberglass fish replica he creates for clients all over the world.  Considered by many to be the master in fish painting, he has earned acclaim from sportsmen and collectors alike.

I love to mix colors and layer pigments to create the depth and glow that I call the inner spirit of each fish sculpture I create.” – Luke Filmer


Living in the Pacific Northwest most of his life, Luke Filmer spent his youth immersed in two loves…fly fishing…and art. Traveling summers with his father to national parks, Luke soon became proficient at fly fishing and acquired a reverence for fish, wildlife, and the outdoors. During this time he also developed a passion for art.  When he was not picking up a fly rod, he spent hours sketching and painting.  His early works of art include a series of comic books where he designed the art, developed characters, and wrote narratives. Friends and family saw this passion and encouraged him to study art.  Luke signed up for classes but soon became discouraged with the curriculum and felt artistically restrained.  As a result, Luke is a self-taught artist perfecting his craft through time, practice, and a commitment to his process.IMG_1889-1

In 1998 after finding a niche that allowed him to utilize his love of fish, fishing, and the outdoors, Luke started Blackwater Trading Co. Using his natural talent, Luke is commissioned by clients all over the world to design and hand paint three-dimensional fish sculptures using either photographs of fish, or his imagination nurtured from years of appreciating this unique and beautiful species. Hoh River steel  2012 BEST

Since starting his company in 1998, Luke has created over 600 one-of-a-kind fish art sculptures and displays for clients across the nation and overseas. He has designed interpretive or educational fish displays for national fish hatcheries, created sculptures for private homes, and customized art for commercial settings where his fish sculptures enhance the interior design, or match the project’s exterior environment. In March 2011, Luke finished a double Spring Chinook Salmon educational display for Carson National Fish Hatchery (Carson, WA).

Luke lives in Washington State on the Olympic Peninsula. This setting creates an opportunity for him to blend his love of art and angling, and use his talents to recreate or preserve memories of fishing experiences for others.



One response to “Luke Filmer Bio

  1. luv to meet you. found you had a studio tour in Sept. any chance I can meet you and see your work? I’m in Olympia on occasion when I’m not chasing steelhead somewhere. gregg

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