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Double Rainbow Trout Mount

Tom contacted Luke last spring to have a custom replica designed of one of the many rainbow trout he caught on a recent fishing trip. He caught quite a few fish that day, but this one stood out in Tom’s mind as a classic rainbow trout. Tom L with rainbow trout caught in a private lake in Washington State_Luke Filmer fish artistThe fish was a female at about 7 pounds – with a length of 27″ – and had a stout girth of 14.5″.

Although I must have caught 20 fish that day, this was the best“, he told Luke on the phone while discussing mount options. They decided to go with an elegant custom driftwood design.

A few months later Luke received another call from Tom. He had returned to the lake and after another banner day of fishing, he caught a beautiful male. “This one is even better than the last one Luke! How about we switch out the female to this big male rainbow for my custom replica mount?”. Rainbow Trout caught in net photo for custom rainbow trout fish replica by fish artist Luke Filmer

They agreed that both fish were exceptional and it was indeed a tough-call to decide which one to mount. The fish he caught this time was a male over 27″ in length with similar girth proportions to the female he caught in the spring…both in virtually the same spot on the lake. “Why not mount both as a pair?” suggested Luke. Tom got excited and agreed that this would certainly capture the memory of both trophies and commemorate his favorite fly-fishing lake as well.

…and this is how this double rainbow trout fish replica display was born. Fish mount rainbow trout fiberglass fish replica sculpture created by fish artist Luke Filmer

Two classic western rainbow trout swimming together as they were…and in all likelihood…still swimming together today. Double rainbow trout fish replica mount by fish artist Luke Filmer


Working together on the design ideas, Tom and Luke captured his fishing adventure in a way that combines the spirit and essence of these beautiful fish through an artistic interpretation, which will hang in Tom’s home forever.

Rainbow trout fish mount of two rainbow trout replicas featured on custom cedar driftwood wall sculpture created by Luke Filmer of Blackwater

Luke’s pride and craftsmanship shows through in every art-piece he creates, and in a way allows him to share that great day on the water with his client.

For more photos of Luke Filmer’s custom fish replicas hand-painted from photos and measurements of trophy fish – visit www.lukefilmer.com


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Looking for ways to calm your employees and customers…resulting in more business?

Custom saltwater fish replica wall mount display created for Fall City, WA dentist office by Luke Filmer of Blackwater Fish Replicas.

Tropical fish replica Collection_Triple Trevally replicas Luke Filmer of Blackwater Fish Replicas

Thinking about remodeling or updating your office decor? You may want to consider including a fish replica sculpture for your office or commercial space. Why? “Studies show aquariums have a profound ability to lower blood pressure, calm the mind, and help to alleviate anxiety”. That can only make your employees or customers happy…calm…and ready to do business!

But heck…who wants the maintenance required to install and maintain an aquarium. A salmon fish replica…or steelhead fish replica…or any trout fish replica makes more sense…and all you have to do is dust it once-and-awhile!

Call or email us about your interior decor ideas today! 360.683.0138  http://www.lukefilmer.com

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