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Salmon project for Friends of Northwest Hatcheries

Looking for a unique stop (or tour) during your travels this year? Consider visiting a fish hatchery. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has established a National Fish Hatchery System to support the conservation of native fish species, and with locations throughout the U.S., chances are there is a hatchery near you! Link to National Hatchery Map.

This brings us to our latest fish replica project for Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery.



Friends of Northwest Hatcheries  sent us a photo they found from another non-profit and asked if we could help with this design idea they had for a “donation box”. SalmonHeadDonationBoxSeems they already had the box builder, but needed Luke to design a custom salmon head to place on the top, encouraging folks to offer donations to support their mission; to increase the awareness of the relationship between people and the environment.

After a few sketches and sculpting the salmon head so it would allow for money (or an envelope) to be dropped through the mouth, we delivered the project to the hatchery for the next stage of their project.

Turned-out pretty cool…don’t you think?

Trip 14Trip 12

Fish Artist Luke Filmer Leavenworth Fish Hatchery

“Luke making a new friend…”

Luke Filmer has also created custom fish replicas for the following national fish hatcheries:

Carson National Fish Hatchery

Double Chinook Steelhead display for Carson National Fish Hatchery, Carson WA.

Double Chinook Steelhead display for Carson National Fish Hatchery, Carson WA.

Winthrop National Fish Hatchery

Winthrop National Fish Hatchery Washington State Luke Filmer with Steelhead_Salmon fish replicas

Far Left: Coho Salmon replica, Middle: King Salmon replica, Far Right: Steelhead replica. Bottom middle: “sandal-sock-guy”. All species found in the Methow River. 

Have a commercial or interior fish art project in mind? Email Luke at: or call 360-683-0138.

Visit our website at:





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Pacific Northwest Coast Salmon Fish Art

We’re pretty darn lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest…a beautiful area that offers some of the best salmon fishing in the world!  This unique species has earned its place as an icon of the northwest spirit.

Custom fish replica art sculpture painted by fish artist Luke Filmer_Pacific Coast Salmon Fish Art Blog Story

Custom 40 lb. King Salmon fish replica art sculpture

Fish artist Luke Filmer has called the Northwest home for over 40 years. Fishing its coastal shores and pristine rivers allowed him to learn how to capture all the distinctive salmon details, which he incorporates in each of his custom salmon fish replica art sculptures.

With a dedicated spirit and patience for detail, Luke adds his own precise realistic style into his three-dimensional salmon paintings.

Incredibly realistic detail and time goes into hand painted each custom fish replica art sculpture by Luke Filmer_Sequim Washington_Olympia Peninsula Salmon

Luke made the decision to recently re-locate his art studio to Sequim, WA  — because of its central location between Oregon and Washington’s coastline, the State of Alaska, Northwest fishing coastal salmon migration map_fish artist Luke Filmer blog story_November 2017 - Copyand the shorelines of British Columbia. These Pacific Northwest locations are all home to some of the best salmon fishing locations in the world.

Preparing for your fishing trip is an adventure in itself. Because of this key natural resource (salmon), this area of the world has cultivated an entire industry around fishing. With lots of options for fishing guides, lodges and outfitters, below are a few links that will help you plan your adventure of a lifetime.  1  by Luke FilmerFinally…if you want to preserve your memory of your fishing adventure with a fiberglass fish replica mount, don’t forget to pack your camera and soft tape for photos and measurements. How to order a salmon fish replica from Luke Filmer.


ALASKA: (Ask for Wayne McGee)





WASHINGTON: (Ask for Bob Kratzer)

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Fall is a great time to go Salmon Fishing

Still itching to go fishing in the fall? This is one of the best times of the year to catch salmon from a boat. Pacific salmon spend part of their life in fresh water and part in saltwater.  They are commonly found in the Pacific Ocean and the Great Lakes due to their preference of cold waters with a high oxygen content.

Kyle P. with Alaska trophy salmon!

King on classic oval panel by Luke Filmer of Blackwater Fish Replicas_2014

This custom King Salmon fiberglass fish replica featured on classic oval panel with trophy plate was created from the fishing photo. Hand-painted by fish artist Luke Filmer of Blackwater Fish Replicas.


Maybe you already have a photo of a fish you caught years ago and it’s time to check that off your bucket list?

Send your photo for a quote to: Luke’s Email Link and let him capture your memory of that perfect day on the water with a custom fish replica wall or pedestal mount.

For more photos of Luke’s work visit

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